Marine Law

What are some Australian maritime laws to be aware of?

Just like any other sovereign nation, Australia has got the right to impose its laws on the waters adjacent to its territories. This will mean that, if you are planning a trip anywhere near the country, especially a sailing, fishing, or diving trip on a boat, you will have to be aware of the marine law in Australia. This is to ensure that you will experience the least amount of trouble whenever you are sailing in Australian waters. It would help out to know the laws that you need to follow while sailing. These can include the kinds of areas where you are not allowed to sail or the kinds of animals that you are not allowed to fish in Australia.

Boating laws

In general, anyone who wants to sail their boats in Australian waters must first get proper documentation from the proper Authorities. It would also be useful to be aware of the map of Australia’s Marine Jurisdiction so that you are fully aware of where the boat locations in Australia are. You have got to be aware of where Australia laws end and where international maritime laws begin. And you would usually be able to know that if you know the various marine zones around the coast of Australia. If you sail your boats into one of those international maritime zones, then you would be subject to a different set of laws. Therefore, you have got to try and familiarize yourself with both the ocean laws of Australia and the international maritime agreements that it has signed.

Fishing laws

Fishing in Australia is certainly a treat for every fishing enthusiast. Not only the absolute tranquility and the unique environment make this activity a special experience, but also the abundance of fish, the variety of fish and the choice between freshwater and saltwater fish. But even on the Australian continent, there are a few things to keep in mind that should be followed. In order to provide you with the best possible information, we provide you with all the information you need to know about the rules and laws for fishing in Australia.
First of all, be sure to point out that it does not make sense to fish everywhere in Australia where there is water. There is a simple reason for this: saltwater crocodiles (salties). There are some places, especially in the Nothern Territory, where fishing is definitely to be avoided. Otherwise, probably the same behaviors as everywhere in the world, namely, to leave his place exactly as he found it and to treat nature with respect. Of course, this includes not catching and killing the fish for fun but eating it.
These are just some of the boating laws that people need to be aware of. You should consult with the specific laws for Australian waters if you do plan on making a trip there. This is so that you will be fully aware of the legal matters in terms of the maritime law. And you can also ensure that you will not end up inadvertently breaking those laws.