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Is it difficult to learn to sail?

No it is absolutely not difficult , it seems who knows what we should know but in reality there are 4 things to remember to be able to make the boat move independently, there are 4 things that are needed to be able to go in any direction in the sea with a sailboat , obviously then everything else comes …

To learn to go sailing you have to touch it! Certainly you will never learn anything or it will take you years if the instructor will be one of those who continually tells you: “Orza a little”, “lean a little”, “fuck that”, “let go”, “pull”, “spring”, “go now”, “no no no fiber fermeto” or even worse if he will use the rudder or sails instead of your eccc … eccc … etc …

After so many years of sailing school, we have brought many pupils / friends into the sea, who still today have bought a boat or are instructors or racers, many people who are now part of our VFV Family as they like to call it to us. You can go sailing at all levels, our teaching technique has developed on 5/6 basic lessons in which you do everythingfrom the first time, after which a group of people (from 2 upwards) is able to go sailing, (hoist sails, sail in any direction knowing what to do, lower the sails, reduce the sails, stop the boat etc ..), so it is enough a course of basic sailing done as it should, that leave you in mind through some tricks / methods few things but fundamental, which are used to bring a sailboat safely. Then it is only experience and continuous practice to refine the skills acquired. we teach you how to go sailing in a few lessons, according to a method refined over the years in which we do not teach you to use a boat, the one on which you will take the course, but we teach you to go sailing , so to know how to do it even when you go up aboard other boats.

Learning to sail is the least , I like the phrase: “In the open sea they are all capable of going, you just need to know a few things, the damage and the problems come when you have to approach a coast or enter the port” , then the sailing course in itself is very simple, it will take many more hours of practice as you will have understood to learn how to maneuver in the harbor, moor the boat, know how to use the engine and winch, knots to do, how to approach a roadstead or the coast , knowing how to throw anchor etc etc .. eccc ..

Waino Simons